About Us

Our Mission
Concerned Parents of the Hazleton Area is an advocacy group dedicated to providing pathways for success through educational access and inclusiveness for students and families in the Hazleton area for whom language is a barrier.

First Board of Directors of Concerned Parents of the Hazleton Area (2008)
Standing from left to right: Ignacio Beato, Sandra Medina-Lopez, Niurka De La Rosa, Ann Marie Shelby, Terri Bauder, Dr. Gary Lawler, Steven Serra Esquire. Sitting from left to right: Richard Kline, Elaine Curry, Eugenio Sosa, Alvaro Galliani

Our Vision
Concerned Parents of the Hazleton Area will effect social change through our advocacy, educational, and referral services. Students, parents, and families will be offered every opportunity to fully integrate into the educational system and ultimately become successful within the overall community regardless of their first language.

Our Values
Concerned Parents of the Hazleton Area promotes:
· The importance of education
· The need for respect for all individuals 
· Equality and equal rights 
· Positive self-esteem for all children
· The development of relevant skills
· Access to educational and community resources

Current Board of Directors
Elaine Maddon-Curry, Chairwoman
Niurka De La Rosa, Vice-Chairman
Richard Kline CPA, Treasurer
Dr. Gary Lawler, Chancellor Penn State Hazleton
Susan Luna, Migrant Education Program
Deborah A. Carr, Ed.D.
Dr. Robert Childs, MD.
Anne Caggiano
Megan Kennedy
 Ann Marie Shelby
Olga Lantigua
Dea Iffert
Rosanna Gabriel
Jane Dougherty

Pedro Martinez
Jose Rodriguez
Robert Klemow
Terry Moran-Bauder
Alvaro Galliani-Lopez

Steering Committee - Comité Directivo
Niurka de la Rosa, President
Olga Lantigua, Vice-President
Elaine Maddon-Curry, Co-Founder
Rosana Gabriel, General Secretary
Jennifer Peralta
Amilcar Arroyo
Bob Klemow
Anne Marie Shelby

Al Galliani,
Jun 18, 2018, 10:33 AM