Concerned Parents of the Hazleton Area gives awards to members of the community who show a commitment to the Values to which we abide.

The CPHA Humanitarian Award

Humanitarian Award was created to recognize individuals who have reached out and made a difference in enriching the lives of their fellow citizens.

2017 Recipient: Pedro Martinez

2016 Recipient: Richard D. Kline

2015 Recipient: Megan Kennedy, Esq.

2014 Recipient: Pat Tomsho

2013 Recipient: Amilcar Arroyo

2012 Recipient: Sandra Medina-Lopez

Sandra Medina-Lopez has spent her entire career advocating for students. This past year she was responsible for implementing a new program for Concerned Parents “Playing, We Learn.” This initial program has 12 pre-school age children. This program under her supervision was divided into various developmental areas and taught by Marilyn Calderon. Additionally, Sandra has served as an invaluable educational advisor for many of the programs offered by Concerned Parents. Many of her migrant education high school students perform hours of community service, volunteering with Concerned Parents. Sandra is an advocate for parents and children new to the area. She spends countless hours helping them become a part of the community. Sandra is a well- respected educator who truly works at making the community a better place for all of our children.

2011 Recipients: Jane Dougherty and Pat Korb

For their outstanding efforts in reaching out and making a difference . They, along with members of The Church Council of the First Presbyterian Church of Hazleton, approached Concerned Parents with their idea to have church members join with other volunteers to help teach English to adult Latinos in our area. The program they began became our largest ESL program and is now in its 3rd year

2010 Recipients: Doctor Robert Childs

Physician and Hazleton Area School Director, was selected as the recipient of the inaugural Concerned Parents of the Hazleton Area Humanitarian Award for 2010. This award recognized Dr. Childs’ outstanding contributions toward making education accessible to all students. He was selected by the Steering Committee of Concerned Parents for his tireless commitment to ensuring all children have equal access and opportunities to reach their maximum potential.